Welcome Message

Parents and Friends of Kuwait National English School,

“Choosing the road of Education is a difficult one but also a wonderful one. This is always the first thing I say when I interview teachers for recruitment. I also tell them that Kuwait National English School tries to keep a human dimension, where everyone knows each other and benefits from each other, and where all children are known by their names. In fact, parents, children and staff consider Kuwait National English School as a family school where each one feels that it is not only their school but also their second home and that we are all part of a family.

My main duty in the school is to be responsible for all the children from Early Years, their first step in school, to the last step in the tertiary education before joining university. I always see as a priority, the interest of the students and this is why I try to give good advice and accurate information. At Kuwait National English School, we do not try to mislead the students and the parents by giving wrong and impossible dreams. We try to help students by setting realistic, attainable goals. I ensure that the students are making the correct choices, especially when they reach KS4 and Sixth Form.

Parents and students see that Kuwait National English School is always improving the quality of education, expanding the curriculum and also refining our services. This will continue as long as God gives me strength to do so. In the educational field no one can say “we are the best”; we should always strive for excellence and always look for improvement. It is true the road for educators is full of joy but also full of difficult steps to overcome but we will continue our journey towards excellence.

Academic achievement is one of the priorities. I certainly want each student to succeed and enter university. Nevertheless, if a student gains confidence and becomes responsible and shows and applies the Universal Values such as truth, integrity, justice, tolerance and solidarity, I feel I have already succeeded and I am greatly rewarded. The words from Condorcet, “Education, and only the right one, means liberation, ignorance is the worst sign of slavery” recorded in our mission statement, should be recalled and parents should always seek out the best for their children and follow realistic advice from educators.

Most of you have heard about us through parents or former students who recommend our school because of its good reputation based on excellence not only in the academic field but also sporting, human, social, spiritual and moral.

One of our strengths is keeping classes small especially when reaching preparation classes for external examinations from the U. K. This helps our students to prepare adequately for their IGCSE, GCSE, GCE, IAS and IAL, not only those who need additional support but also those specially gifted.

I can say within our supportive environment, from Pre-School to their entrance to University, students from Kuwait National English School can consider the time they spent with us the most formative one in their lives, being well prepared to tackle all the different issues they will be confronted with during their citizenship. This brings us to the reason I feel that Kuwait National English School is the right size for its task or mission, where each educator can get to know each student as the unique individual he/she is.

I look forward to meeting you.”

Madame Chantal Algharabally