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School Guiding Statements


KNES Vision


Striving for Excellence, Quality Education with respect of Universal Values.

Small Enough to Care and Big Enough to Excel!



KNES Mission Statement


“While engaged in our scholastic pursuit towards excellence in all academic areas we recognize all the moral values in building Humanity, realise our common destiny and engage ourselves to act upon issues threatening our Human Family and hence our Earth Home.”



“Education, and only the right one, means liberation; ignorance is the worst sign of slavery”

Condorcet 1743 – 1794 

French Philosopher,

Politician and Mathematician




All students at Kuwait National English School are members of an international community: they get to know each other and learn to respect each other.


We aim to build their personalities, to broaden their minds, to increase their knowledge in all academic subjects, to prepare them, while developing their cognitive skills to be ready to tackle different issues:  human, social, cultural, scientific, and environmental…


In other words, we prepare our students to be fully responsible, to develop intercultural understanding and be Internationally minded. We aim to develop their intellectual and cognitive skills as well as physical, social and artistic skills but, we aim also to prepare our students to be fully responsible citizens, conscious not only of their rights but also of their duties as being part of the “Human Family” and to take care of our “Earth Home”.


“Education, and only the right one, means liberation; ignorance is the worst sign of slavery”

Condorcet 1743 – 1794 

French Philosopher,

Politician and Mathematician


School Philosophy


Our school is international in its students and in its variety of teachers, with many British and international staff as well as French native speaking teachers for the French Department, Arabic teachers for the Arabic and Islamic Departments.


We aim to build a community, gathering people from different cultural backgrounds in which everyone recognizes our common humanity and destiny.  Our students learn and understand that we are living in fragile limited, interdependent world and which is in constant evolution.


We believe that our students from different origins and of different nationalities benefit from members of staff also from different cultures with wide professional experience

The school recruits teachers and staff who offer this experience and tries to give them conditions of work that can help them to allow students to achieve their full potential.

Students, who come to KNES, often go somewhere else to continue, their studies according to activities of their parents.  We have to take this factor into account for their further adaptation to be easier.


In brief, we consider the following points as part of our mandate:


Ø To develop the respect of the fundamental values such as truth, trust, integrity, justice, solidarity, respect for others and respect for their well-being.

Ø To develop in each student verbal and written skills and to be digitally independent.

Ø Within the limits of the syllabus and the resources of the school, we try to develop the student’s intellectual, physical and social abilities.

Ø To promote in each student a spirit of inquiry , analysis, and  a sense of criticism in order that, within the conflicting  ideologies of our modern world and the plethora of information, they succeed in making up their own personal opinion.,

Ø To try to give enthusiasm to students to study and to let them learn by themselves (to learn how to learn).

Ø To train students in experimental methods and in observation: to look for information (facts), to investigate and to explain.

Ø To develop reasoning skills to demonstrate and to provide evidence on what is stated.

Ø To make sure that body and mind are one, (a healthy mind works only with a healthy body).

Ø To make sure each student is aware of the fragility of our environment and practice responsible conservation.

Ø To instil in each student a sense of loyalty to his/her peers and to the school.

Ø To educate students in the importance of social contribution and to inculcate a strong sense of civicism to prepare them to be useful members of the Global Community.

Ø In all activities, to encourage respect for the diversity of cultures within the school and the world in general, in a word to promote the spirit of tolerance and to promote the necessary spirit for co-operation in general, and for peace.



Early Years

Mission Statement for the Young Learners


We the young students at KNES are members of a worldwide neighbourhood. We get to know one another and learn to respect each other’s differences. We build our individual characters, improve our abilities and learn to be responsible. We take care of our school family and environment.



Mission Statement

for the Special Educational Needs Department


At KNES we strive to help our students from SEN to become independent individuals and be able to cope and participate in society in general.