Special Needs

Kuwait National English School follows the National Curriculum for England which is adapted to our local environment.

The Department’s Goals:

  • To provide an educational environment to help the students integrate into society.
  • To develop the students’ abilities by focusing on their potential, to be able to take a positive and effective role in society.
  • The Department consists of a qualified, experienced and dedicated team which includes the Head of Department, Teachers and Teacher Assistants, and many Specialists.

Support Services:

  • Psychological and Assessment Unit: For counselling services, in addition to the behaviour modification programme and evaluating students’ mental abilities through recognised standardised tests.
  • Social Work Unit: For counselling and social services for students and their families, which aims to support the relationship between school, home and society.
  • Speech Unit: To assess and diagnose any speech or language disorder of the students, followed by implementing an individual therapy plan to improve the students’ communication.
  • Physiotherapy Unit: To assess and follow through with a suitable programme for students with a physical impairment.
  • Occupational Therapy Unit:

    To develop the sensory motor integration through muscles tones and bilateral co-ordination
  • To improve the maximum level of independence in activities of daily living.
  • Nurse To attend to any accidents, and to follow up any medical cases or conditions of the students.

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Physical Education and Swimming: There is a semi-Olympic swimming pool and a full-size gymnasium to help in improving their physical co-ordination and balance.
  • Music Appreciation: To instil a love of music through playing an instrument, listening, singing, dancing and movement.
  • Educational Arts: To develop a love of art through creative work.
  • Life Skills: To learn the simple day-to-day tasks, working towards independence.
  • The Library: There is a well-stocked library with a qualified librarian.
  • Information Communication Technology: There are computers in every classroom, and ICT Labs which are used to enhance students' learning.
  • Al Farabi Theatre: This large theatre is where major events are held.
  • Gourmet Corner: The cafeteria offers a healthy food option.

Extra Activities:

Students have regular outings to a variety of venues, to various educational, cultural and famous places in Kuwait.

The Parent Teacher Association meets regularly with a speaker to give a lecture on different topics, which bring together parents, teachers, and other professionals.