Omar Al Gharabally Scholarship
(Presently Under Review)

“To keep the memory of my son Omar alive forever, I have set up the Omar Al Gharabally Scholarships to help the most able students achieve what Omar will never be able to accomplish as his life was too short. Like Omar, I believe in giving others the best opportunity to achieve their full potential in the best possible conditions they deserve."

Omar was born on the 7th April 1976 in London, UK. He died two weeks before reaching his 20th anniversary on the 21 March, 1996. Omar had the intelligence of mind and the intelligence of heart. He was terribly handsome although he seemed not to notice it - tall and extremely fit with a wonderful smile which dazzled everyone. Omar had always been very good, generous, and respectful towards others with a strong belief in God.

He had always been a bright student, very witty, full of humour, very eager to learn and to understand everything around him. Omar was especially bright in mathematics, history, economics and literature and he was, in fact, interested in all various fields from music and poetry to all the latest technology of our century as well as in politics.

For his young age, Omar showed a great deal of maturity. He was a true lover of justice and fond of constitutional law and already he had plans to settle a true democracy in that part of the world. He was concerned by all the future of the Arab nations which were torn apart and, being a true Muslim, Omar felt responsible already about the excesses and the bloodshed of some of his Muslim brothers. Let us hope sincerely that the dreams of Omar become reality and that peace will be in this part of the world one day.

I should like to add that Omar had been modest about himself and was always the first one to criticize himself which is already the first sign of intelligence”.

Chantal AL Gharabally


Mother of Omar