Global Warming Assembly Secondary Department 2019

08 Oct 2019

Kuwait National English School – Secondary Department

Effect of Climate change – global warming

Kuwait National English School theme assemblies always address key issues domination the world. This month our pupils started off with the theme focusing on Climate change/Global warming. The focus shifted from the normal theme base items to the real commitment message to our students. The introduction with Basheer (Year 9) to a short skit from Year 7 students laid the foundation for an excellent trio based presentation from the three year 9 students.

Our students successfully showed how climate change is a threat to human societies and natural ecosystems. Climate change has already triggered species distribution shifts in many parts of the world. Increasing impacts are expected for the future. Global climate change is changing the places we know and cherish. Moreover, the temperatures on land and at sea are rapidly increasing. Human actions are central to this apparent warming of the planet. Jana emphasized that we have already started to see the visible effects of global climate change on coastlines, coral reefs, glacier-carved mountains and other places, with potentially devastating ecological and economic consequences. Climate change would threaten many species. Species might face extinction. She concluded by pointing out that there is no doubt that climate change is under way – and we know enough to take action now.


Worldwide educational attainment is the single strongest predictor of climate change awareness. Improving basic education, climate literacy, and public understanding of the local dimensions of climate change are vital to public engagement and support for climate action