Update on Distance Learning from the School Director English Version

04 Apr 2020

Dear Parents

In the current events that the whole world is facing, Kuwait as many countries around the world have taken necessary measures to support the government in their proactive efforts to contain the spread of the COVID-19, in which distance learning has been proposed to complete the rest of the academic year.

Distance learning should not be a choice, it is a necessity. Distance learning is not a downgrade from the education you aspire for your children, yet it is a sign of accomplishment and resilience against adversity, providing every child a quality education.

In KNES, we fully support this decision thanking the government for placing the required measures to ensure safety and health of our learning communities. This is an unsettling time for all of us and we at KNES are fully committed to support our students, parents and KNES faculty and colleagues.  It is important that we all work together and support each other as a community to ensure that we continue to offer our students the outstanding education that they deserve. That is where E-learning will be introduced to our students and besides all what we are doing, videos on line with the class teachers and subject teachers of your chil/ren will start.

E-Learning can be challenging to everyone including teachers, staff, parents and students, but we believe that together we can support each other to allow our students to gain the advantage of this learning technique  and combat the upcoming and expected challenges. This is a learning experience to all of us and with the support of the parents to our teachers, both can help our students pursue easily in completing Term 3 this year.

Although we are unable to meet, we would like to assure you that our teachers are dedicated and working tirelessly to ensure they provide all the academic support our students will need.

Please note that parents now are recognized are first -line workers. Your efforts immensely support our mission of academic success towards our students.  We would like to take this opportunity to appreciate and thank you for all the efforts you are investing towards your children’s education.

Considering the overall situation that the world is going through financially, our government has again supported us by providing parents the opportunity to pay Term 3 fees at the end of this academic year (May 2020). Moreover, we would like to thank all parents who have already fulfilled their commitments towards their children education taking into consideration the interest of their children.  

We would like to ask the parents who still need to settle Term 2 fees to kindly do so to support us in finalizing overdue payments from the previous term. Should you have concerns or inquiries, please do contact  at

We are confident that this is a temporary situation and will come to an end soon Insha’Allah. In difficult times, maintaining solidarity and community cohesion will bring us closer together as a society and it is proof that we are indeed, stronger together

Please stay safe, stay healthy and stay at home. We are all in this together.

Best regards to you all

Madame Chantal Al-Gharabally

School Director

Kuwait National English School