Ongoing Learning April 2020

01 Apr 2020

Dear Parents:


The state of the current Global Pandemic has caused much confusion and frustration in all sectors of the community. We want to ensure that our children keep learning and progress to their full potential. It is not enough to sit at home and play or watch TV.

We will continue to provide e-learning as well as providing parents who have not chosen to engage in School Virtual Learning System, email communication with work to be covered. We have listened to parents concerns over the last few days and we believe that the school should be committed to providing any Educational support we can. We were pleased that we have so many positive and loyal parents who have been appreciating what we have been doing so far.   It is the parent’s choice to work with the school and help their children or not. There will be no end of year examinations but we hope to complete a modified curriculum and a modified final report.

Parents can email completed work to teachers who will provide feedback and track the progress of your child. It is negligent to not provide children the opportunity to keep learning and Kuwait National English School is committed to ensuring your child succeeds in the upcoming new year.

Although the school is physically closed due to the instructions of the Kuwait Government, all staff are committed to helping our students. Parents should be mindful that the progress children make during this time can only be positive and help them move on to the next year group.

Stay Well and Safe!

Upper Management

Kuwait National English School