Early Years Rainbow Day

26 Sep 2019

Kuwait National English School

Early Years Rainbow Day 2019

Kuwait National English School Early Years Department celebrated Rainbow Day where we had lots of fun exploring the various colours of the rainbow. The children enjoyed wearing their bright clothes and loved comparing them with their friends which helped to expand the children’s vocabulary of colours, for example: lighter, darker, similar etc. We shared our favourite colours with one another and linked them to various objects. The children rotated around the classrooms to add a different colour to their rainbow. We taught the children how to mix colours to create a new one. We mixed the red and yellow paint to make our vibrant orange for the rainbow!  We completed a science experiment with colourful skittles to create a beautiful rainbow!! We all had such a fantastic day where lots of learning took place!

Rainbow Day is a great way to introduce our very young children to the diversity that is all around us!