Early Years Sports Day 2020

17 Feb 2020

The Early Years children participated in their annual Fun / Sports Day this week to great success! The weather did not look promising in the morning with rain and wind but just in time for the activities to begin the wind died down and the sun shone!

Parents attended the event and watched and cheered for the children while they rotated around various activities testing their coordination and sportsmanship. The children were all enthusiastic and thoroughly enjoyed the activities and that their parents were there to support them.

Their teachers and the helpers from Year 10 were very happy with the effort the kids put in and most importantly the positive attitudes they showed.

I hope that any number of our children grow up some day to be great athletes but I am more certain that they will all grow up to be good people!

Well done kids and a big thank you to the P.E. Staff and teachers for all the support.