Secondary Inter-Culturalsm Celebration 2020

29 Jan 2020

Secondary Inter-Culturalism Celebration Day

The student Council organized an international Day to celebrate inter-culturalism. Understanding different cultures and imbibing the spirit of humanity that unites the world has been a recurring theme at Kuwait National English School and our students did a great job of representing various countries. The student Council worked meticulously to organize this event.  Competitions were held for best costume, best performance and best booth display. The winners were as follows.

Best Costume

1st Place France ( Year 8A)

2nd place Saudi Arabia  (Year 11 A)

3rd Place China (Year 7 A)

Best Performance

1st Place  South Africa  ( Year 10 A)

2nd place Mexico  ( Year 9 A)

3rd Place France ( Year 8 A)

Best Booth

1st place China (7 A)

2nd Place Spain (Year 12)

3rd France (Year 8 A)

All classes were actively involved and the countries they represented were as varied as Mexico and China. The booths were well designed and a wide range of international delicacies were on offer.

Our school offers wonderful opportunities that Combine academic learning with the opportunity to display this learning in a variety of ways. International day was one such event and there is more on offer in the coming days.