Secondary Science Fair 2020

30 Jan 2020

The annual Kuwait National English School Science Fair competition was held during the last week of January (January 26 – 30).

Students from grades 6 to 10 (age 9 to 14) had the choice of showcasing Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics [STEAM] projects. Around 100 of our young science pupils from across the age groups were invited to represent their form groups. Pupils had worked on their own projects at home in order to take part in the event. Subjects chosen by the students ranged from eco-friendly projects involving generating electricity with Solar energy, Hydroelectric power and cool Wind turbine. Other areas were “DNA Extraction and No Smoking Campaigns”, followed by “Volcanic Eruptions and Moving Robots”. The top three winners from each class were rewarded in the Science Fair assembly by Madame Chantal Al Gharabally, our school Director.

The standard of children’s science projects this year were exceptionally high. It was amazing to see so many excited and engaged children enjoying science and sharing their love of this awesome subject with others. Science fair brings together many of the elements of practice—problem selection, experimental design and implementation, data analysis, and communication of research findings. Consequently, this offers students one of the few opportunities in science education to experience for themselves these practices combined.

Science fair has a long history at Kuwait National English School and is widely implemented as part of informal and formal science education across school. KNES goal is to identify strengths, weaknesses and improvements that might enhance STEAM learning outcomes.  It is vital for our youth to complete their education and be aware of development in the area of science and technology. Education is the key to building healthier people and communities.

 KNES is proud of our young people as they apply their knowledge when

embarking on their chosen career path.