Reception / Year One Transition Week focusing on Math’s

23 Jan 2020

Reception / Year One Transition Week focusing on Math’s

Reception Children and Year One Students paired up again this week to participate in some Math’s activities. The Children switched classes and paired up to do activities with telling time and the months of the year.

The Year One students were superior teachers, helping the Reception children one on one. The Reception children really enjoyed meeting the Year One teachers and there were benefits for everyone.

This week was one of our many Transition activities to provide the Reception children exposure to the Year One Primary department. It also gives the Year One teachers an opportunity to meet and get to know their students for September.

Transition activities have a lot of benefits but none more beneficial than Year One students getting to be teachers and Reception children feeling more confident with their support.

The Transition activities also have the benefit of being a lot of fun and all the children and teachers take away amazing experiences from them.

Thanks to the Reception and Year One Teachers for facilitating the vibrant learning environment and opportunity.