Reception Trip to Kuwait Science Center

15 Jan 2020

Kuwait National English School Early Years Trip to Kuwait Science Center

Kuwait National English School would like to extend its thanks to the Kuwait Scientific Center for providing a rich environment for schools to visit and learn.

The Early Years Children of Kuwait National English School recently visited the Science Center to watch a film on Animals and their habitats. The film was in 3D which brought to life the images of animals, insects and plants throughout the seasons. The children were able to watch as the cycle of life progressed through out the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and back to Spring again.

The film inspired the children’s imagination and stimulated conversation about animals and their environments. These conversations will lead to more interests and more information sharing overtime.

We are very proud of our children in the respect and interest they showed while at the Science Center. We are always proud of our children whenever we are in public and this time was no different.