Success at BSME Swimming Championships, Dubai 2024

09 May 2024

Kuwait National English School proudly represented itself at the BSME Swimming Championships, held at Dubai's Hamdan Stadium. The event, marked by its flawless organization, took place in the illustrious Hamdan Sport Complex, boasting an Olympic-size stadium pool.

The participation of 14 students from our school provided them with invaluable exposure to competitive swimming at a renowned venue. The mixed-age group heats added an extra layer of challenge, driving our swimmers to surpass their personal best times, achieving new records.

A particular highlight of the day was the commendable performance of our girls' relay team, securing the 5th position in the 9-12 age group category. Their determination and teamwork exemplified the spirit of our school's athletic endeavors.

Despite the demanding schedule of the day, lasting from dawn till dusk on May 9th, every moment proved worthwhile. The experience garnered from competing in such a prestigious event will undoubtedly fuel the growth and development of our swimmers.

The enthusiastic support of parents accompanying us on the trip was deeply appreciated. Their feedback resonated with the school's vision, as many expressed the desire for to support more sports integration into the curriculum and to groom our athletes for future competitions.

As our students return home with new found experiences and achievements, we look forward to further nurturing our swimming program, fostering a culture of excellence and sportsmanship among our students.

Absolutely! Acknowledging Mr. Meshari's pivotal role in facilitating Kuwait National English School's participation in such a prestigious event is crucial. His support and encouragement have undoubtedly contributed to the success and enrichment of the students' experiences.