COBIS Century Maths Challenge

02 May 2024

The recently completed Online COBIS Maths Competition is an annual event organized by the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) for students in member schools. It aims to promote mathematical skills and problem-solving abilities among students through a series of online activities and challenges.

The certificates awarded to students served as a form of recognition for their hard work, perseverance, and achievements during the Online COBIS Maths Competition. By acknowledging their efforts, schools aimed to motivate students to continue developing their mathematical skills and actively participate in future events.

Overall, the competition provided a platform for students to enhance their mathematical abilities, collaborate with peers, and represent their schools in a challenging yet rewarding online environment.

Criteria for Awarding Certificates:

Certificates were awarded to pupils based on three main criteria:

1.        Time Spent on the COBIS Site: Pupils who spent the most time actively engaging with the online platform were recognized for their dedication and commitment to the competition.

2.        Number of Nuggets Completed: Nuggets refer to the various activities or challenges available on the COBIS site. Students who completed the highest number of nuggets demonstrated their willingness to explore different mathematical concepts and apply them in practice.