KNES Book Week 2024

06 Mar 2024

The Book Week activities held from 3-7 March were a vibrant celebration of literature and storytelling, engaging students in various educational and entertaining events. The week-long event aimed to promote reading, spark creativity, and foster a love for books among students.

One of the highlights of the Book Week activities was the Dino Show, where students were treated to a fascinating demonstration and talk about dinosaurs. The show featured a large dinosaur puppet or model in the theatre, captivating the audience with information about these prehistoric creatures. This interactive session not only entertained the students but also provided them with valuable insights into the world of dinosaurs.

Another engaging activity during Book Week was the puppet reading of stories. Using puppets to narrate tales is an effective way to make storytelling more interactive and visually appealing for young audiences. This activity enhanced students’ imagination and listening skills while bringing stories to life in a unique and engaging manner.

Year 6 students had the opportunity to attend a talk by author Ms. Amal Al Randy and a Drama professor during Book Week. This session offered valuable insights into the world of literature, writing, and drama, inspiring students to explore their creativity and passion for storytelling. Sharing of experiences by the author and drama professor motivated our students to pursue their interests in writing or performing arts.

Book Character Day added an element of fun and creativity to the week’s activities, allowing students to dress up as their favorite book characters. The parade showcased a colorful display of literary-inspired costumes, encouraging students to engage with books on a deeper level by embodying their beloved characters. This event helped promote literacy, creativity, and imaginative play among children.

To recognize and appreciate students’ participation in our Book Week activities, certificates were awarded to them. This gesture not only acknowledged their involvement but also served as an incentive for continued engagement with reading and literary events. They helped boost students’ confidence and motivation, reinforcing the importance of literacy and learning through books.

Overall, the Book Week activities held from 3-7 March provided a platform for students to immerse themselves in the world of literature, storytelling, and creative expression. By offering a diverse range of events such as the Dino Show, puppet reading, author talks, character day parade, and certificate awards, the school successfully promoted reading culture and ignited students’ passion for books.