Primary Sports Days 2024

04 Mar 2024

Primary Sports Days were held this week and was a huge success. The days were filled with various sports activities, including running races, balloon races, hockey, obstacle races and sack races. The children were divided into teams and competed against each other in a friendly and fun environment. The running races were a popular event among the children. They competed in different categories based on their age and gender. The children showed great sportsmanship and encouraged each other throughout the race. The sack races were a fun event that brought lots of laughter to Sports Day. The children had to hop in sacks and race to the finish line. It was a challenge for them to maintain their balance, but they all managed to reach the end with great enthusiasm. Overall, the Sports Days were an enjoyable day that allowed the children to showcase their athletic skills and teamwork. They all had a great time and are looking forward to the next Sports Day.