KNES Reading Challenge Jan 2024

14 Jan 2024

Dear parents,

Welcome to the Library Reading Race, Challenge, an independent reading challenge for your child. The library usually does a reading program for the second term. Last year, as you might remember, we did Dewey classification to show students how we arrange the library and how they easily can find the books they want to read, reading different categories from the tower of books This year we will learn what is the difference between fiction and non-fiction books.

1-Here’s how it works!

To accomplish the reading race, challenge the students will choose any books they want to read.

2.How to gain points?

After finishing reading the book, they must write a book review about it and return it to the librarian. Each completed review adds points to the class. They then take the next book.

3. Please send a photo for your child shelfies. Take a selfie with your bookshelves.

4.Your child will receive an extra incentive if you send a photo.

The Deadline:

The competition will start on Sunday 14-1-2024 and ends on Tuesday 20-2-2024.

We will have fun at school as well, exploring new things during library skills lessons .

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!


School Librarian