Secondary Department Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

19 Dec 2019

Kuwait National English School - Secondary Department

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence


 Here at Kuwait National English School, we have had a history of working in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence. We have moved on from taking part in robotics competition in Carnegie Melon University in Qatar to now inviting a Robotics development company for a workshop at Kuwait National English School. We highly value the emergence technologies and the importance of ensuring our young learners are given the relevant exposure to these technologies

Students can benefit by developing their skills on programming.  Apart from seeing the outcome of the programme on the computer, students are able to see it work on a physical device. This would make students excited and in turn develop their programming skills further. Robotics is usually a combination of programme sets done by different people. Thus it teaches students essential teamwork skills. It can be a launching for students to realize their passions. It helps our students to get prepared for the future as a confident independent person and create a competent and skilled individual for the demanding job market. Students always find the practical usage of science, engineering, and arithmetic as fun.


Robotics is essential because:

·        Robotics programmes develop problem-solving skills and creativity

·        It teaches science and mathematics concepts

·        Robotics programming builds self-confidence

·        It is fun and exciting

·        It almost guarantees the children’s employment when they grow up

We remain fascinated with robots and we envisage that the benefits of having robots could outweigh the current problems. With the rapid evolution of computers and robots, robots are poised to work side by side with humans in the near future