COBIS International Virtual Debate Competition

02 Dec 2023

The COBIS International Virtual Debate took place between the 1st and 3rd of December 2023. The performance of Kuwait National English School students was nothing short of exemplary, showcasing the exceptional talent and dedication of its debate team. The event, which drew participants from schools worldwide, provided a platform for students to engage in intellectual discourse, hone their communication skills, and foster cultural exchange.

The debate team demonstrated a remarkable command of the topics under discussion. Their rigorous preparation and in-depth research were evident in the compelling arguments presented during the debates.

The school had put forward 2 teams.


Team 1

Team 2

Hassan Al Essa

Farah Basal

Mohamad El Heshary

Talin Radwan

Zaid Murad

Sanad Yousef

Ali Reda

Zade Ahlat

Mohammed Dousideh

Hossein Safari Nasab


In addition to very positive comments from all judges, our school also had a Star Debater Award for Mohamad El Heshary Year 10 A, who the judges felt displayed great skills in argument and a structured approach to debating.


The success of the school's debate team can be attributed not only to the individual prowess of its members but also to effective teamwork. The students displayed a high level of cohesion and collaboration.

The international debate provided a unique opportunity for students to engage with global issues and develop an understanding of various perspectives. The school's debate team engaged in topics ranging from socio-economic challenges to environmental concerns, showcasing a well-rounded awareness of contemporary issues.

In conclusion, the school's performance in the international debate was a resounding success.