Prayers and Condolences to those affected by the Earlthquake in Morrocco

10 Sep 2023

KNES expresses its condolences to those affected by the recent Earthquake in Morrocco!


Madame Chantal Al Gharabally, School Govering Body, Mr. Gharabally Al Gharabally, Chair of the Governing Body, School Management and staff of Kuwait National English School would like to extend its condolences to our students and families affected by the disastrous Earthquake in the country Of Morrocco! The Earthquake which is the worst in 100 years took place on Friday September 8th and followed by an aftershock on Sunday September 10th.


As families and friends wait for news of loved ones who are still missing, we extend our support and care. The latest count of dead is 2,800 and another 2,500 injured. Whole villages have been destroyed and families are sleeping on the streets for safety. This is a difficult time for many and very hard on those who are far away from home waiting for news.


Tragedies such as this reverberate around the world in a shrinking Global Society. Tragedies in one country will bring disastrous news to every country. At the same time there is hope for the miracles that often come from tragedy.  We pray for these miracles now.


We also encourage all families and world governments to provide aid where possible.