UN Global Parents Day 2023

04 Jun 2023

Global Day of Parents aims to stimulate awareness of the importance of parenthood and its role in providing protection and the tools needed for positive development in children. Parents are, after all, the first teachers and human interaction that a child is exposed to. KNES invited our parents to come to school and take a family photo and to celebrate the day and promoting effective parenting

Parents are a beacon of a child’s life. They lay the foundation for children, and nurture and equip them with the skills that are necessary throughout life. Parents protect their children and make countless selfless sacrifices to ensure their growth.

On Global Parents Day, children express their gratitude to their parents for all that they have done for them. Really, our relationship with our parents is the most important and true bond that most of us will ever have, and our parents’ dedication towards us is respected and cherished on this day. Those of us who have a friendship with our parents and are able to have a healthy relationship based on trust and respect rather than authority or strict guardianship are lucky. It is truly a blessing to have good parents.

Kuwait National English School is committed to continuing that relationship when children are in school and supporting parents as they provide a supportive and loving environment for the children to grow and develop!

Happy Global Parents Day to all our parents!