School Trip to the Americani Cultural Center in Kuwait City

09 May 2023

As a result of winning a competition fostering an encouragement to read and grow a thirst for knowledge sponsored by the School Library, Year 2A and Year 4C were given a fantastic opportunity to visit the Amricani Cultural Centre in Kuwait City.

The organization has a collection of over 20,000 items of rare Islamic Art, Valuable pieces of Kuwait history, and old photographs dating way back to early 1900s as well as some Kuwait artifacts and other pre-Arab cultures on display.

The children were able to observe their surroundings whilst completing work to enrich their knowledge of Kuwait. It was a fantastic day enjoyed by all.

The children were a credit to KNES, growing in their learning, whilst exploring images, as well as ancient artifacts, exploring diverse perspectives, utilizing their imaginations and thinking from their own viewpoint when writing a creative piece of English work.