Year 5 and 6 Human Rights Assembly

05 Dec 2019

Year 5 and 6 Human Rights Assembly- Kuwait National English School


The Year 5 and Year 6 pupils of Kuwait National English School presented an assembly on the importance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with a special focus on Children’s Rights and Responsibilities. The Assembly highlighted the importance of human rights by explaining that they were created to prevent the awful atrocities of the past from ever happening again. The Human Rights Act was introduced to make pupils aware that laws exist to help to protect their human rights. The assembly also tied in with the Tolerance, Remembrance and Mission Statement assemblies that have been taking place during the months of October and November and with links to special days such as World Health Day, World Peace Day, World Refugee Day, these assemblies are a great way to foster the rights respecting ethos in our school. Each class presented through song, PowerPoints, sketches, poems etc. the Rights and Responsibilities of children, real life situations depicting infringement of rights, exploring what freedom is and is not, and the benefits of diversity and the need for everyone to respect and celebrate differences. Children left the assembly knowing that each one of them were special, that differences make them unique, and this is what makes the world special. They also were fully aware of their rights and responsibilities