KNES debate team shines in the COBIS/DEBATE MATE Virtual Debating Competition 2023

26 Feb 2023

Kuwait National English School students took part in the Virtual Debate competition organized by Debate Mate in association with COBIS. Debate Mate is an innovative global social business that employs elite debate mentors to teach the skills of communication in schools across the world. The Virtual Debate programme is one of the largest debate competitions in the world and took place from 24-26 February 2023. There were 40 teams from 27 schools from over 18 countries.

Our students Hussein Sbeiti, Mohammed Al Hadiya, Basheer Daboul and Jana Yousef competed against international debaters, and we are proud of the fact that our team won 2 of the 4 debates they competed in.

Debate 1 against Grange School, UK:  Streaming platforms have done more harm than good to the music industry.

Debate 2 against The British School of Milan, Italy (Impromptu topic) This House supports one universal language.

Debate 3 against Azerbaijan British College, Azerbaijan This House believes community service is a better punishment than prison for non-violent crimes.

Debate 4 against The British School Caracas, Venezuela (Impromptu topic) This House believes that humans should focus on building a civilization on another planet rather than fixing the problems on earth.

Our students benefitted from participating in this global competition against debaters from across the world. The quality of the debates was very high, and we congratulate our students who worked hard and prepared well for the event. The debates were held on Zoom and our students got to showcase their debating skills, while receiving extensive feedback from judges. We intend to have more participation in such events in the future to enable our students to build their personalities and become more participating members of the global society.