Reception Transition Anti Bulllying Assembly

04 Dec 2019

Early Years Reception Transition Assembly Activity

The Early Years and Primary Department have arranged a variety of activities to support Reception children who are moving into the Primary Year One classes next year. These activities are meant to allow the children to make a smooth transition to a more academic environment. It also allows them to feel more comfortable with some of the expected routines.

KNES held one of these Transition Activities today. The Reception children were invited to attend the Year One Assembly today on Anti-Bullying. The children watched a video together on Children’s Rights. Then Each Year One Class provided a small presentation of Anti-Bullying.

The Reception children were exceptionally well behaved and listened and responded very positively to the Year One presentations. After the presentations the Reception children sang a song for the Primary children about being each of child being special inside. When the Reception children returned to their class, they spoke about bullying and the proper behaviour towards each other as a responsibility they all hold.

It was a very successful activity and I felt very proud of how grown up the Reception children appeared to be and how well they paid attention to the presentations.

They are certainly on their way to a successful start to Key Stage 1