Primary Trip to the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre

21 Feb 2023

Primary Students had a fabulous time broadening their minds and increasing their scientific knowledge at the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre this week. Respecting the other visitors there, the children divided into groups to explore some of the seven areas of the centre. The children were intrigued, wowed, and amazed by all the knowledge and activities available. Some were blasted out of this world learning about space and the development of travel and exploration beyond our planet. Others went back to nature exploring habitats such as the rainforest, mangroves, and coral reefs.

 Children were captivated by the aquatic animals. Still others were walking with dinosaurs, traveling way back in time to learn about the terrific, terrifying reptiles that came before and the way that life shaped our planet, such as coal and oil. The human body and all the amazing things we can do held the attention of many of our other children.

 They came back brimming with excitement about their new-found knowledge and full of questions about things they had seen. Overall, there was something for everyone and our children came back richer for their experience.