Early Years Valentines Day Feb 2023

15 Feb 2023

The Early Years children from Nursery to Reception had a busy time this past week but they spent a special day talking and showing their kindness and love for the people in their lives. This included their classmates, teachers and families.

A key foundation belief at KNES for our youngest children is to instill a kindness and a capacity to show that they care about their family and friends. This year for Valentines Day they talked about the people they loved and made arts and crafts to give their loved ones something to show they care.

Our Early Years children have a great capacity for love, kindness and care, for not just their families but their friends. The day gave them the opportunity to express and talk about this part of their facility for caring.

It was a fun day but just as importantly it was a day to build their personalities to care about those around them!