Early Years Trip to the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre

15 Feb 2023

The Early Years Children of KNES visited the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre this week. The Educational trip was in line with the schools mission to inculcate into students from a young age an appreciation for the Environment and being part of one human family.

The students were able to explore the Natural History Museum which introduced the children to how our planet was formed and the changes that have occurred over the past 500 Million years. The children saw dinasours, fossils, live animals and fish as well as they experienced the different ecosystems that our earth home depend on.

The Cultural centre was a great way to introduce these young children to the beginning of their understanding of the environment and the different creatures that make up the life on Earth. The children will continue to learn how Climate Change and human interactions will change the world in which they eventually become more of a part and learn how they can help our environment.

The trip really was a fun time for the children and they were excited by everything they saw, heard and interacted with. The children also showed to the public how well behaved, polite and kind they are. 

They are on their path to being responsible Global Citizens!