Key Stage 2 (Yr 4/5/6) Concert "Snowflakes"

13 Feb 2023

No 2 Snowflakes are the Same!

Year 4,5 and 6 pupils at KNES put on the musical "Flakes" last night in the school theatre. The "Flakes" musical showcased pupils singing and describing their unique personalities as Snowflakes and Snirts (snowflakes with dirt), the theme which was in keeping with our school mission statement of being from different cultures and backgrounds but being part of one human family, living together in harmony despite our differences and respecting each other.  Innovative, funny, and full of incredible acting and singing talent, the Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils had their audiences in awe of their talent.

 Congratulations to the Music Department and the Year 4,5, and 6 teachers for putting together such a spectacular production! Madame Chantal Al Gharabally, the School co-chair of the Governing Body, commented on how proud she was of the talent amongst these pupils and how well they have been progressing not only academically, but in the performing arts as well!