Greetings from the KNES Governing Body

12 Dec 2022

Dear Parents

This first term of this academic year is at the end. It is great and the students are all very happy as we are back to normal by organizing field trips, assemblies on various topics which boosts their knowledge and interests in learning as well as the activities within the student council which bring happiness to the children.

We are all proud that one of our students got the best results in Kuwait in the June 2022 IGCSE with a special award.

A trip abroad has been planned and agreed and secondary students will go to Italy in February 2023 during the mid-term break.

By now, the winter break will start, and I will take this opportunity on behalf of the school chairman to present to all families and friends from the school community our best wishes of good health, happiness, prosperity, and success for the year 2023. I do not want to forget our Christian community to whom we wish a Merry Christmas.

Thank you again for your continuous support and cooperation and your recognition of the high quality of education and learning we are providing on an ongoing basis.

Kindest regards,


Madame Chantal Al Gharabally

Co-chair of the Governing Body