"Reach for the Sky" dinner with the Red Arrows at the British Embassy

21 Nov 2022

Kuwait National English School was welcomed at the British Embassy on Monday November 21, 2022 for the evening "Reach for the Sky" dinner with the Red Arrows. This special event was to inspire young pupils to see STEM subjects and careers as the vibrant and interesting option. 

Our selected six Year 12 students accompanied by their science teacher were invited to a special dinner to encourage interest in STEM subjects. On their table was a commercial pilot, a Red Arrow pilot and an aeronautics engineer. Throughout the evening, the pilots, engineers and people of interest answered questions from our students and shared what drove them towards their careers. There was also short talks from some VIPs, Maen Razouqi, CEO of Kuwait Airways, Penny Mordaunt, Member of the Parliament in the UK, etc.