Primary Mission Statement Assembly (Key Stage 1)

28 Sep 2022

The Primary Department, Years 1 & 2 held an Assembly to discuss and present activities around the schools Mission Statements. The Mission Statement is the rock on which education at Kuwait National English School is built.

We instill the values of the school Mission statement from Early Years through Secondary. Always building on the students understanding and ability to adapt the Mission Statement into their own lives.




All students at Kuwait National English School are members of an international community: they get to know each other and learn to respect each other.


We aim to build their personalities, to broaden their minds, to increase their knowledge in all academic subjects, to prepare them, while developing their cognitive skills. To be ready to tackle different issues:  human, social, cultural, scientific, and environmental…


In other words, we prepare our students to be fully responsible, to develop intercultural understanding and be Internationally minded. We aim to develop their intellectual and cognitive skills as well as physical, social and artistic skills but, we aim also to prepare our students to be fully responsible citizens, conscious not only of their rights but also of their duties as being part of the “Human Family” and to take care of our “Earth Home”.


“Education, and only the right one, means liberation; ignorance is the worst sign of slavery”

Condorcet 1743 – 1794  

French Philosopher, Politician and Mathematician