Primary Assembly on Tolerence Week

14 Nov 2019

Kuwait National English School Primary Department Tolerance and Remembrance Day Assemblies

On Thursday 14th of November the students of Kuwait National English School put on a variety of performances in recognition of Remembrance Day and Tolerance Day.

The Key Stage 1 children read poems and sang songs about acceptance and not treating people badly, just because they come from a different place or have different coloured skin. They also celebrated friendship and family

The Key Stage 2 students performed some interactive scenarios depicting the consequences of choices that have been made, as well as singing songs about unity and belonging.

Poems were read about why we must remember what has happened in the past and why we cannot forget those who have sacrificed so much.

Although it was a solemn occasion, the children all enjoyed taking part and watching the other performers. They also learned about acceptance of all no matter where they come from, the colour of their skin, their faith or background.