Letter from the School Governing Body 2021-2022

31 May 2021

Dear Parents

In a few days this academic year 2021/2022, will come to an end on the 16th of June.

The pandemic seems to be over and things back to normal, almost normal for the students in our school as we have been working face to face with your children since the start of this academic year.

The last edition of the Gazette and our Yearbook Issue 2022 are testimony of your children’s activities and learning taking place in our school. For a mother who lost one of her sons, it is hard not to say that these will be nice memories of the childhood of your child/ren to cherish with them and your families. Please keep these lovely memories of the time they spent in our school.

This year children have been participating successfully in the COBIS Computer Science Coding Competition, Maths Competitions with Mangahigh, UK Leeds University Maths Challenge and Mathletics as well as Global Social Leaders Competition from United Nations (UN) which we won last year and are in the finals this academic year.

Our school will be closed the whole month of July and re-opens for our current parents and our prospective ones from the beginning of August.

Classes will start again from Preschool to Year 13 on a schedule advertised and sent to you early September 2022.

I am sure by now you have secured a seat for your child/ren for the next academic year to come 2022/2023.

I will take this opportunity to thank parents, great supporters of our school for their cooperation and support and I can assure you that 2022/2023 will be another good year if not an excellent one for all of us and for your child/ren in our care.

To all of you and family enjoy the summer holiday with your children,


Kindest regards


Madame Chantal Al Gharabally

Co-chair of the Governing Body