Reception Children Transition Day May 2022

19 May 2022

Early Years / Primary Transition Activity Day

The Reception and Year One children met today so that the Reception children could continue to become more confident to the new environment they will be in next September. It was also a great opportunity for the Year One teachers to meet their new students and get to know them.

KNES has many transition days throughout the year to help children move through their education journey. This is a very important aspect of moving to a new way of learning and making the children comfortable and confident when they start the next step in their education.  This is also an important opportunity to help support their wellbeing and relieve stress for future change. 

Reading Transition Activity

Year 1 and Reception got together for another Transition lesson.  Each child from reception was paired up with a child from year 1. The reception children were invited to read their reading books to the Year 1 students. The year 1 students were encouraged to help with difficult words and also asked simple questions to the Reception children relating to the reading book. All teachers were impressed with the reading abilities of all the pupils and the children were treated to a story at the end of session.


Maths Transition Activity

Children had a fun maths addition activity by using a dice and writing the addition answer of the number sum. Year 1 was patient and kind to give the Reception children an opportunity to find the answer by using their fingers by counting on.

The children were all smiles and laugher playing together. The Reception child were in awe of the big playground they will enjoy when they will be in Year 1. The Reception children are more familiar with the names and faces of the Year 1 teachers. The children are familiar where to find the cafeteria and washroom.