Happy Holidays from the Governing Board of KNES

09 Dec 2021

Dear Parents and Friends

The first term of this academic year is coming to an end, and we are extremely happy that we are back to normality with full time face to face education which is very important for all students at all ages.

The SLT (Senior Management Team), coordinators, heads of subjects, all teaching staff as well as all members of the administration have been working well and hard to make this happen and possible.

The chairman and I would like to wish all of you, your children, and families a nice rest during the winter holidays. If you celebrate Christmas, may we wish you a peaceful and Merry Christmas and to all of you from different confessions, our best wishes of health, success, and peace for the new year to come, 2022.

To all of you my very best wishes and kindest regards.


Madame Chantal Al Gharabally

Co-Chair of the Governing Body