Early Years Teddy Bear Picnic

17 Oct 2019

What an Amazing Day for a Teddy Bear Picnic

The Early Years Children had a theme day today, being the Teddy Bear Picnic. It was a really a big success in so many ways. All the children came to school today in their pyjamas bringing with them their favourite toy. You could see the excitement in their eyes as they arrived at school in the morning and it continued all day long.

Even the shyest of our youngest children were talking and telling us about the special friend they brought with them and were able to tell us about them. We had Teddy Bears, Tigers, Unicorns, Dolls, Spiderman and too many to mention. The children were thrilled to share their toys.

The days weather also supported us today and it was perfect weather to have outside activities and have our picnics. Everything came together to make sure the children had a fantastic day!

It’s amazing the impact that a vivid imagination has on children’s delight to participate and to increase their desire to communicate.

Thanks to all the parents is needed for supporting the children in the very positive way they did today!