Duke of Edinburgh Award Celebration

10 Jun 2021

# World Ready

On Thursday June 10th, Staff and students from Kuwait National English School attended along with thousands of participants around the world a Celebration of the Duke of Edinburgh’s 100th birthday.  The Duke of Edinburgh Award family worldwide misses him immensely.   Whilst we would all have liked to celebrate this incredible milestone with him, anyone who has read anything about him will know that he was extraordinarily self-effacing.  He would have wanted us to “get on with it” and be forward looking; about the future and young people. 


This Global Celebration joined participants around the world as they showcased their infinite potential and discuss the Award, alongside The Duke of Edinburgh's youngest son, HRH Prince Edward.

This event is targeted at young people but relevant to all, so please do spread the word far and wide and encourage everyone to check it out.

At Kuwait National English School we strongly encourage our students to become involved with the Duke of Edinburgh award to promote responsibility, ingenuity and a commitment to bettering our global community while at the same time challenging themselves just as millions have done around the world for the past 70 years!