Early Years Character Day 2021

10 Mar 2021

The Early Years Children of Kuwait National English School had an exciting day on Wednesday March 10th 2021. They shared with their classmates, their favourite book. The children were able to explain why they liked the book and talk about the characters in the book. They even dressed up as some of their favourite book characters.

Even online the children are encouraged to expand their imagination and communicate how books make them feel. As their confidence and ability grows, they are more and more able to engross themselves into the world of literature.

We are very proud of our children’s ability to imagine through pictures and also their amazing ability to read more complex books each week that passes. We feel strongly that Early Years children should be given the tools and ability to read as soon as possible. Books at this age expands their ability to understand and also to be creative, this in turn causes a lifelong passion for reading.

Although our Early Years book week and Character Day did not have the same feel as usual, the children still were visibly excited and interested in the topics shared by them and their classmates! They fully participated and showed great initiative to be able to engage while online.

The children, by choosing the books they want to share themselves, create a great diversity of literature. That diversity of literature helps build their own personal aspect of Global Citizenship. The books come from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds and therefore exposes the children to various interpretations of citizenship and global connectiveness.