KNES Virutal Sports Days

12 Mar 2021

Dear parents,

I hope you well and safe with your families. KNES will host a virtual sports day for all primary /Secondary classes in March 2021. We hope that you like the idea and that all students enjoy the sports day at home with their families.

As you know by now, our Sports Day will have to take place at home this year. However, we want to make it just as much fun as it would be if it was like a normal Sports Day. To make this happen we need the help and co-operation of you with us as well.

Planning Virtual Sports Day at Home.

1-    The activities will be broken up into five different events. They can try all five or choose what events they want to try.

2-    PE teachers will be putting many different activity ideas that they can do on that day. They will post many ideas and videos to help students with each activity.

3-    Each student on each team will be awarded five points for each event passed.

4-    There will be videos or pictures which will be sent to the students to help them on that day.

5-    We will wait for the number of participants in each team. Each student gets grades in each event in which he/she participates and sends photos and videos for indicating participation in each event.

6-    Score sheets will be prepared for each team and the score total for each team will be calculated. Awards ceremony for the winning teams will be during the assembly time.

7-    Parents should encourage their children to participate in our sports day.

                                               8-    Virtual Sports Day Timetable



Friday 12th March 2021

KS1, KS2

Friday 19th March 2021

KS3, KS4

For more information you can contact the PE Department

Thank you all for your full cooperation and continuous support.