KNES School Portal Parent and Pupil Communication

10 Jan 2021

KNES School Portal

Parent and Student Communication

We would like to take the opportunity to remind parents and students they have been given access to the School Portal. This is a very important information and communication site which you need to be reviewing on a regular basis.

The School Portal is not part of Microsoft Education or Microsoft Teams but a separate Communication access for Parents and Students. On the School Portal you will find Timetables, Attendance, Weekly Newsletters informing you of the Weekly Learning Objectives and Activities, Pupil Awards, Monthly Reports and Term Reports as well as many other pieces of information you would find important.

Please if you have not activated this account you should do so right away. The activation codes have been sent to the pupils KNES email accounts several times.

Please contact us if you are having problems so we can ensure the best communication possible.

Kind Regards

KNES Management