Year Start Letter To Secondary Students and Parents

12 Sep 2020

Dear Secondary Parents,                                                                                            


Sunday September 13, 2020 is the first teaching day for the academic year (2020/2021). Presently, we will be teaching online. Please note the following:


·        All our secondary students must wear their school uniform throughout the day.


·        The camera of your child computer must be switched on at all time.


·        It is illegal to Record any part of the online class


·        Form Tutors: We have put form tutors in place to help students in dealing with year group problems.

    {Year 7: Ms. Gabriella};       {Year 8: Mr. Jeilani};            {Year 9: Mr. Charlton};

{Year 10: Mr. Chacko};       {Year 11: Mr. Michael} and {Year 12: Ms. Priya}


·        Subject related questions - please liaise with the following staff:

{English: Mr. Michael}         {Mathematics: Mr. Jeilani} {French: Mr. Guillaume}

{Sciences: Ms. Priya}          {History: Mr. Charlton}                    {Geography: Mr. Charlton}

{Business: Mr. Chacko}      {Computer: Ms. Constance}           {Art & Design: Ms. Gabriella}            

{P.E: Ms. Nermeen} {Arabic: Mr. Omar}               {Islamic & Qur’an : Mr. Fawzi}


·        The breakdown of the daily secondary lessons:

Lesson I (7:45 – 8:30)        Lesson II (8:30 – 9:15)                   Break (9:15 – 9:30)

Lesson III (9:30 – 10:15)    Lesson IV (10:15 – 11:00)             Break (11:00 – 11:15)

Lesson V (11:15 – 12:00)  Lesson VI (12:00 – 12:45)             Break (12:45 – 1:00)

Lesson VII (1:00 – 1:45)    Lesson VIII (1:45 – 2:30)


·         At the end of September your child will have a September Monthly Report.


·        Information available in the “book pack:


*    Books


*    Access to Technology: A letter giving confidential detail and passwords to access the Technologies available at KNES for secondary students. The following programs are available for our secondary students:

DoddleLearn   (

DocsPlus (

Myimaths  (

Reading Cloud (

Parent Portal WCBS

Linguascope 'Interactive Language Learning Platform'  (


*    Microsoft 365 Education student account detail:

This letter will contain the following information for our registered students:

Display name”      “user name”      “temporary password”


I do understand how challenging online lessons are. I am sure you will all agree with me that it is a worldwide consequence of the pandemic and the solutions are very complex. At present we should all team together to get through this difficult time.


I wish your child a successful academic year 2020/2021.


Relying on your usual cooperation.


Yours sincerely,

Dr. Raouf Khodabocus, BSc, MSc, PhD, FCIC, FCSC (Canada)

Head of Secondary, Kuwait National English School, Hawally, Kuwait