Kuwait National English School- E-learning provider during the Pandemic

21 May 2020

Kuwait National English School- E-learning provider during the Pandemic


COVID-19 has changed many aspects of life for Kuwait National English School community. We are extremely appreciative of our School Director Madame Chantal Al Gharabally, our pupils, parents, and teachers, for their positivity, flexibility and resilience during these challenging times. Of course, all decisions made during the pandemic were in the best interest of the health of our pupils, staff and community.


Our goal was to provide continuous educational opportunities for our students while the physical school is closed. Kuwait National English School under the driving force of our school Director Madame Chantal has successfully taken up the challenge to make our e-learning effective. E-learning has been in full motion since the 1st of March throughout the school covering pupils in the EYFS, Primary, Secondary and our SEN departments. We use synchronous e-learning (or live video) and our staff motivate and engage pupils. Heads regularly join some classes for quality assurance. 


Kuwait National English School were also involved in extracurricular activities such as:

Eight On-line assemblies with Madame Chantal on four different days. 21st and 22nd of April and 12th and 13th of May respectively. 21st April Primary separately each time one for KS1 and Year 3  and one for KS2  in  Primary and one KS3 and KS 4 and 5.  So Madame Chantal held eight assemblies on four different occasions 21, 22 of April and 12 and 13 of May. The purpose of these assemblies was to bind the school community together while at home. We all remained united and not isolated. It was also to lift the spirit of our children because after all the future for the children is in front of them and life is still there. It was also to explain that they have to remain engaged in their studies even on line because education is only for them and cannot be taken away.

Free Enrichment programmes/Clubs available daily from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm.

The Kuwait National English School Gazette was written and edited by our pupils. 

House points - Rewarding Kuwait National English School pupils for their good work. Highest number of House Points per Year group 2019/2020 were awarded to: Eyaad Husain (Yr7, London), Andrew Khaila (Yr8, London), Abdulaziz Al Halawah (Yr9, Cambridge), Rania sundal (Yr10A, Cambridge), Danial Bajwa (Yr10A, London) and Ali Al Shatti (Yr11B, Durham).   

Total House points per house at Kuwait National English School: 1st Oxford (2114 points); 2nd Cambridge (2105 points); 3rd London (2097 points) and 4th Durham (1977 points).           

Duke of Edinburgh International Award - By continuing on their award journeys, our young pupils at Kuwait National English School can build resilience, take care of their physical and mental wellbeing and support their communities.

On-line Parental conferences (May 04 & 05) have enabled us to stay in contact with our parents. 

On-line Debate (May 14) - Topic: Home quarantine is a breach of human rights. The participants were: Kareem ElNaghi (Y10A), Yousef Mlegy (Y10A), Patricia Haddad (Y8A), Rania Sundal (Y10A), Jana Yousef (Y9A) and Hussain Al Hashem (Y10B). The winners were Rania, Jana and Hussain.  Kuwait National English School Director Madame Chantal pointed out that debate allows for the amalgamation of self-directed research/learning by our pupils.

Art Competition - Secondary students had to create an Art work displaying a message of hope for defeating Covid-19. The winners were: Nour Mahfoudh (Y10A), Febronia Ehab (Y9A) and Sarah Khodabocus (Y8A).

English Essay challenges - The essay title was “Dealing with lockdown and social isolation”. The winners were Iqra Nawaz (Y12), Rania Sundal (Y10) and Ibrahim Al Hadiya (Y12).


In closing, one of our main focus points for Kuwait National English School educators and students during the 2019-2020 school year has been having a growth mind-set. The current situation is providing an opportunity to our younger generation to propel and move forward in the interconnected and digital world.