Secondary Achievements Term 3 2019-2020

20 May 2020


Kuwait National English School – Secondary Department

(March 01, 2020 – May 20, 2020)


E-Learning in the Secondary Department:

A phenomenal success story and a step ahead


House points

Rewarding our pupils for their good work.


Highest number of House Points per Year group 2019/2020 are:

Year 7: Eyaad Husain (7C, London)

Year 8: Andrew Khaila (8A, London) 

Year 9: Abdulaziz Al Halawah (9A, Cambridge)   

Year 10: Rania sundal (10A, Cambridge)

Year 10: Danial Bajwa (10A, London)

Year 11: Ali al Shatti (11B, Durham)


House points per house:

Oxford                 2114 Points         1st  Place

Cambridge          2105 Points         2nd Place

London                2097 points         3rd  Place

Durham               1977 points         4th  Place  



On-line Debate

Debate topic: Home quarantine is a breach of human rights.

Date: May 14, 2020

Judges were: Iqra Nawaz (Y12), Retaj AlShafei (Y12) & IbrahimAl Hadiya (Y12). Anchor was: Mahnoor Mudassar (Y12)                     


Participants were:

Kareem ElNaghi (Y10A), Yousef Mlegy (Y10A), Patricia Haddad (Y8A),

Rania Sundal (Y10A), Jana Yousef (Y9A) & Hussain Al Hashem (Y10B).


The winners were Rania Sundal, Jana Yousef and Hussain Al Hashem.


Art Competition  [displaying a message of Hope for Defeating Covid-19]

Secondary students took part in an Art competition.

They had to create an Art work displaying a message of Hope for Defeating Covid-19.


The winners were:        Nour Mahfoudh (Y10A),

Febronia Ehab (Y9A)

Sarah Khodabocus (Y8A).


English Essay challenges [Dealing with lockdown and social isolation]

Title of Essay: Dealing with lockdown and social isolation.


The winners were:        Iqra Nawaz (Y12)

Rania Sundal (Y10)

Ibrahim Al Hadiya (Y12)


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