Primary End of Year House Point Results 2019-2020

18 May 2020

Primary Department House Points-2020

House Points are awarded throughout the year to pupils in the Primary Department to motivate and reward pupils for their constant and consistent efforts in terms of completing work on time, good participation in class, good deeds etc. Pupils in each class are divided into Houses according to names and colours: Cambridge (Red), Oxford (Blue), London (Green) and Durham (Yellow). House Points are recorded on our online system; Class Charts, to which parents and pupils who have subscribed have access to. House Points are announced during assemblies.

Madame Chantal, the School Director recently announced the cumulative House Points for each Year Group and House during our KS1 and KS2 assemblies held on 12 May 2020. She congratulated each Year group and House and commented on the narrow margins between the respective Houses and urged pupils to continue with their outstanding efforts.

The results of the respective Year groups are as follows:


Cambridge (Red)



London (Green)




2210   (1st)

1783   (3rd)

1803    (2nd )

1761   (4th)


1691   (2nd)

1642   (3rd)

1706    (1st)

1637   (4th)


1430   (4th)

1507   (1st)

1469    (2nd)

1464   (3rd)


1195   (3rd)

1200   (2nd)

1387    (1st)

1184   (4th)


   953  (3rd)

  952   (4th)

  970    (2nd)

  975   (1st)


1072   (4th)

1284   (2nd)

1197    (3rd)

1296   (1st)


Cumulative total for all the Houses

Cambridge (Red)

Oxford (Blue)

London (Green)

Durham (Yellow)

8551 (1st)

8368 (3rd)

8532 (2nd)

8317 (4th)


Congratulations to the winning houses overall and in the respective year groups.