Refugee Awareness Day 2017

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Refugee Awareness at KNES

The Kuwait National English School has always believed in keeping learners informed in current affairs taking place around the globe, in accordance with Global Citizenship as well as a civic duty to teach learners about current events and create an awareness in all matters, not only in Kuwait but abroad.

Recently, an assembly was delivered to our Secondary learners at KNES, on the topic of Refugees. The assembly informed learners on the crisis taking place all around the globe; not only on the negative impact it has on the world but  a positive message was conveyed through a presentation on what can be done to support Refugees around the world. Learners from both year 7 and Year 8 took part in the assembly, speaking in front of the school; sharing their thoughts on the situation in the form of creative writing and poetry expressing their feelings on global refugee crisis. The assembly was a great success and students and staff received the message positively. The Director, who shared a personal experience on the matter, relived a solemn, special moment.

Our School mission prides itself at keeping our learners actively informed on current events throughout the year, allowing student participation and creating awareness on not only Refugees, but also, all matters both past and current, that affect the lives of both students in the school and around the world.

Poem and a piece of creative writing were written and read by the students in commemoration of the assembly.

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