Reading Week with EYFS and Primary

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Kuwait National English School celebrates Reading Month- March 2017

At Kuwait National English School, we cannot stress the importance of Reading enough. The month of March was celebrated as Reading Month, with pupils participating in a Readathon competition and various other activities.  Book/Reading week was observed from the 19th to 23rd  March 2017 with a wide range of activities focusing on Literacy and Reading involving pupils making full use of the school Library and Media Centre. A special Book Character Assembly was held on Thursday, 23rd March, where pupils were given the opportunity to dress up as their favourite book characters and speak about them. Year 1 pupils were also involved in Buddy reading, Readathon and a special assembly with Reception pupils as part of our continuous and seamless transition programme from EYFS into Year 1. Buddy reading is done throughout the year to create an awareness and to encourage a love for reading amongst our pupils. Our Year 6 pupils were also involved in Buddy reading with SEN pupils, who thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. Enthusiastic pupils were rewarded with certificates and medals for their participation in the various activities.

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