Early Years to Primary Transition

Thursday, February 9, 2017



During the week of 5th -9th February 2017 Year 1 and Reception classes worked together to facilitate Early Years’ transition later in the year. The students really enjoyed participating in the activities planned as well as working with students with another year group. The mornings consisted of Phonics lessons, Reading and Writing Activities as well as Numeracy lessons. It was delightful to observe students of both year groups; learning, sharing and assisting each other during all activities planned. 

One of the objectives behind transition is to allow teachers involved to recognise the importance of giving each child, who is moving to a new setting, special consideration to ease the entire process. The transition mornings allowed teachers to understand the needs and capacities of individual as well as groups of students. It also enabled reception students to familiarise themselves with a once foreign setting. In turn, this will inevitably aim to help the students moving to year 1 next year, to feel secure, confident, and able to tackle the challenges ahead.

Various other Transition activities have been planned for the rest of the year to help facilitate a smooth transition into Year 1 for our Reception pupils.

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