Stock Exchange Visit

Monday, November 14, 2016

Kuwait National English School students visited the Stock Exchange of Kuwait (Boursa Kuwait)

As always, students of business studies and economics take learning outside the school premises. Combining classroom learning with practical understanding is of prime importance and we at Kuwait National English School offers our students the perfect opportunities to explore and learn in a more practical manner. Our students continuously improve their knowledge of the Economic environment through a series of field trips, job shadowing and work experience sessions.

One such visit was to the Kuwait Stock Exchange now known as Boursa Kuwait. The objective of this visit was to learn how the exchange Centre works and how Public companies are listed on the Stock Exchange. It was a valuable experience and students got to see the trading area as well as traders engaging in the stock market. Our students were given a warm reception by Priya Cardoza and Jafar Al Wael. They briefed the students on the general functioning and a brief history of the Boursa. This was followed by a presentation by  Dalal Al Barrak on the strategic transformation undertaken by the Boursa. Mr. Saud Al Dhayyan then explained the trading process and the daily activities at the Boursa.

Students were keen to ask questions and they were impressed by the history of the Boursa. Our students greatly benefit from such trips as it helps them substantiate their theoretical learning with practical understanding. It will go a long way in achieving the school’s objectives of taking education beyond classrooms.

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